Here’s Your Sign!

This is a very common misconception.  You are working with a Realtor and see a house online or driving by and think you may like the house, but it is not your Realtor’s sign in the yard. Do you have to call the number on the sign? Who can show it to you?

Your own Realtor! 

In the state of Georgia, a Real Estate License gives us the ability to show a client any house that is listed for sale, in the state, by a Real Estate Broker’s office. Any office. We all have lockbox keys that open the lockbox, or we can get the combo code.

Stick with your own Realtor to show you every property that you are interested in. The listing agent of that property will be happy to let me or any Realtor that you are working with show their listing. Your Buyer’s Agent has your best interest in mind, knows what you are looking for, has already put their own time and effort into helping you and can assist you to negotiate the best deal.

The listing agent works for the seller. You should, and you are entitled to, have your own agent representing and working for you, even though the seller pays the commission for both agents.